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Plexaderm Hyaluronic Moisturizer Serum- 1 FL

Plexaderm Hyaluronic Moisturizer Serum- 1 FL

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  • REDUCES THE APPEARANCE OF WRINKLES By capturing the moisture from the air and retaining it within your skin, our Hyaluronic Moisturizer promotes healthy skin hydration and elasticity, resulting in a fuller and smoother appearance.
  • DEEP MOISTURE REPLENISHMENT Our Plexaderm Pure Hyaluronic Moisturizer was formulated to replenish skin moisture levels and help restore the younger looking you.
  • ANTI-AGING SERUM Hyaluronic Acid expands when retaining moisture, giving your skin a plumper, more youthful appearance as time goes on.
  • PROMOTES SMOOTHER, MORE YOUTHFUL LOOKING SKIN By adding Hyaluronic Acid into your daily routine, you can help to combat the visible signs of aging all while nourishing your skin.
  • APPLY ONCE IN THE MORNING AND ONCE IN THE EVENING for maximum results. Wash and dry the application area before applying.
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